Call for small project proposals | NWA routes 2020

The NWO has opened a call for proposals that the route management of each NWA route can apply to. The management of the NWA route “Big Data” has therefore issued a mini-call for proposals. Deadline for submission is September 18 2020.

The maximum grant amount is € 150.000,- divided amongst maximum three subprojects of maximum € 50.000. These subprojects can be:

    • An innovative idea aiming at (bootstrapping) out-of-the-box research;
    • Utilisation of existing knowledge aiming at technology transfer, valorisation, of implementation of results from earlier big data research projects.

The small projects should contribute to relevant subjects for the route ‘Big Data’ and should enlarge the scientific and/or societal impact of the route.

Selection process

The proposal can only be submitted to NWO by the route ‘boegbeeld’, Inald Lagendijk. To arrive at the selection of three subprojects, the route management of the ‘Big Data’ route, currently also the Steering Committee of the start impulse programme VWData, has put a transparent process in place, you can read more about that process here.

If you wish to submit a ‘Big Data’ proposal for a € 50.000 project plan in the context of this NWA small projects call, please follow the procedure as outlined on the eScience Center website

Deadline for your submission is September 18, 2020.

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