Call for ADS Research Assistant Projects

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) is pleased to announce we are accepting applications for Research Assistant projects. The aim is to set up new collaborations through ‘seed’ projects. Each project should involve at least two separate parties, one of which should be an ADS partner, see:

It should be clear what each partner will offer in terms of in-cash and in-kind contributions. If 2 academic partners are involved each should pay 50%. If an industrial partner is involved then they should cover 100% of the costs. A research project can have 1 or 2 research assistants with the time period on the project flexible (e.g. one day a week for 3 to 12 months).

Note: There is funding available for research projects embedded within UvA Informatics or VU Computer Science.

We are interested in data science projects that span multiple research areas and organisations, and particularly projects that align with the ADS strategic directions, see here:

Light evaluation of the project proposals will be based on their potential for collaboration and data science development.

If you are interested please complete the ADS Research Assistant Project Proposal Form here & also here and send to with Research Assistant Proposal as the subject. If you would like matchmaking assistance with our industry contacts please email, we can also provide outreach assistance for student candidates to fill the posts.

Application deadline: Monday 07 May 2018 

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