Big Data Amsterdam: ‘Het Financieele Dagblad’ on ADS & Elsevier Collaboration

Amsterdam is playing a leading international role in the development of data science research

BIG DATA AMSTERDAM: Read the Job Woudt interview in ‘Het Financieele Dagblad‘ with Wouter Haak, vice president of Research Data Management Solutions at Elsevier on our collaboration.

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Last autumn, Elsevier announced a partnership with Amsterdam Data Science. This collaboration will enable joint projects to help scientists to share data using the latest technologies. Students can also gain work experience at Elsevier, with both parties promoting Amsterdam as a center for data science.

Collaboration: Big Data, Elsevier & Amsterdam Data Science

“…. we are creating more and more new partnerships with scientific organizations. These partnerships go much further than in the past, … sharing as much data as possible with each other and thus creating value in new ways …

It works like this: … Scientists collect data. There will be output in the form of a publication. Then the project is complete … at Elsevier we are increasingly trying to make data available for reuse

… we are putting in place an ecosystem that makes this possible … ensuring the right people (the authors) are credited for it, and in a way which helps further the science. We connect people to each other … Data is the final step…

In Amsterdam Data Science we work with Maarten de Rijke of the University of Amsterdam and Frank van Harmelen of the Vrije Universiteit … it is fantastic to work with the experts at Amsterdam Data Science …”

Read the full article here: BIG DATA IN AMSTERDAM

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