Amsterdam Partners Focus on Life Sciences & Health and AI

Five partners signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Smart Health Amsterdam in the presence of Economic Affairs Councilor Victor Everhardt. This was a follow-up to the earlier agreement signed on 25 September 2019.

Amsterdam Economic Board, Amsterdam UMC, Sanquin, VUmc, the City of Amsterdam, NKI/Anthoni van Leeuwenhoek, UvA, CWI, OLVG, HvA, AMS and Amsterdam Health & Technology Institute (ahti) have committed to strengthening the cooperation within the Life Sciences Cluster in the Amsterdam region and extend the excellent starting position in the fields of AI and Data Science.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has everything to grow into the European Life Sciences & Health hub. In the Amsterdam region there are already 300 companies within the Life Sciences & Health sector and this number is even growing. Amsterdam has top institutes such as the hospitals of the Amsterdam UMC, OLVG and the NKI/Anthoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital. In addition, Amsterdam has an excellent starting position in the fields of Data Science and AI with the research and education from CWI, UvA, HvA and VU. By combining these two distinctive Amsterdam forces – Life Science & Health and Data Sciences & AI – there is enormous growth potential. Besides, Amsterdam has a strong business climate for international companies due to good international accessibility, availability of talent, high internet speed, focus on start-ups and a good living environment.

But with international competition, such a hub won’t arise if you don’t put effort in it. That is why the above organizations are working together on a distinctive proposition of the Amsterdam region within the Netherlands. They will work on strengthening the innovation and business climate for Life Sciences & Health companies and on attracting, training and retaining talent.

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