Amsterdam Data Science Career Fair 2019

Join us at the Data Science Career Fair in Amsterdam, hosted by ADS and BDA. The Career Fair will take place on Monday 11 March from 15:00-19:30 at the VU, Amsterdam.

Registration for the full Career Fair has now closed but you can still sign up to get access to the open part of the Fair here.

There will be a whole host of companies vying for your attention, from consultancies, financial service providers, online retailers to telecoms and data analytics providers. Confirmed companies attending include: Aegon, APGm Elsevier, GoDataDriven, Naspers, ORTEC, PostNL, Qualogy, SIA Partners, Triple A – Risk Finance, VodafoneZiggo, TMC Data Science, Anchormen, Checkdata, Tiqets, Sia Partners, Bookarang, TAPP, CTcue,, Whayle, Utelly Limited,, ChipSoft BV, Sobolt BV, Dutch Analytics, Knab, PeaceTech Lab NL

The Data Science Career Fair aims to offer students the opportunity to connect with companies looking for employees and summer interns in data science (related) positions. You’ll have the opportunity to attend workshops, speed-dating and Inspire sessions to find out about your career options in Data Science.

We have a diverse range of workshops run by our participating companies including:

Aegon mini marathon – Jade de Vries, Data scientist at Aegon

Innovation at AGP – Peter Strikwerda, Head of Innovation & Strategic Sourcing at APG

From Articles To Answers – Dr. GeorgeTsatsaronis, Prinicipal NLP Scientist at Elsevier

How GoDataDriven Predicts Data Science Models – Niels Zelemaker, CTO at GoDataDriven

Experience the Life of a Data Scientist in One Hour – Bas Jongewaard and Suzanne Thomasson, Analytics Consultants at ORTEC

Data Science & Data Management Use Cases at PostNL – Helen Steingröver, Manager Analytics & Decision Support (ADS) at PostNL

Real-Time Analytics of Live Sports Data – Jonathan Robijn, Data Scientist at Qualogy

How to Survive as a Data Scientist in the Crazy Business Jungle – Nabi Abudaldah, Senior Consultant Energy & Utilities at Sia Partners

Fraude Detectie voor Verzekeraars – Joris Brehm & Daan Nijssen, Data Analytics Consultants at Triple A – Risk Finance

How AI Radically Transforms the Way VodafoneZiggo Network Technicians do Their Job – Ying Wang, Sr Data Scientist at VodafoneZiggo


If you have registered to attend the Career Fair, let us know what your workshop, speed date and inspire session preferences are via the Google Form we have emailed you by Wednesday 20th February.


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