Amsterdam Data Science-Amsterdam Academic Alliance: International Visiting Researchers Programme

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) invites applications from ADS researchers and partner organisations for the Amsterdam Academic Alliance (AAA) Funded International Visiting Researchers Programme

The aims of the Visiting Researchers programme are:

  • To generate international collaborations between ADS and one of either:
    • Insight (Centre for Data Analytics, Ireland)
    • Tsinghua University, Department of Computer Science and Technology, China
    • Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China

See more information here:

  • To facilitate knowledge exchange
  • To explore new and or emerging research topics in data science

ADS specifically invites applications for funding that will aid in advancing our Strategic Directions, see:

Funding applications are welcome at PhD, postdoc and senior faculty levels. The length of visit is flexible but we envisage a minimum of 3 months.

Applications should include the following information (maximum 300 words):

  • Names of researchers at Amsterdam, and host (if a connection has already been established), thatwill be involved in the collaboration
  • Brief overview on the collaboration area, why funding is needed and what is the anticipated outcome of the visit
  • Length of visit
  • What the host will contribute to the visit (e.g. monetary matching, exchange in the other direction, supervisionduring the visit/facilitate the visit etc)
  • If a connection with the host organisation/department has already been established

Deadline for applications is Friday 15 September 2017

Details on the application available here in PDF format

Please mail any queries and applications to

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