AMdEX: The Challenge of Sharing Data

A brand new interview from Amsterdam Economic Board with Axel Berg, manager of the SURF Open Innovation Lab: 'How do we create a trusted environment for sharing our data?'

Amsterdam Economic Board have published an interview with Axel Berg where he shared his insights on the relevance of sharing data in a safe environment and how AMdEX is trying to provide solutions in this area.

The amount of data worldwide is growing exponentially. However, only a tiny fraction of all this data gets shared and analysed. In the first article of their series on AMdEX, Amsterdam Economic Board interviewed Wouter Los, Digital Infrastructure researcher at UvA in August. Wouter explained that the reason behind the lack of data sharing was down to one reason: how can we know that nobody will run away with our data?

In the latest article, Amsterdam Economic Board explore how AMdEX aims to take away the insecurities of sharing data. Axel explains that AMdEX does this by providing a platform that makes data sharing possible on the terms of the data owner. Not by being a “supermarket for data”, but by providing the facilities to help with the data exchange. AMdEX aims to facilitate the direct exchange of data from A to B, without a third party. Axel shares in his interview that it is their priority to create a safe environment, on neutral ground and a non-profit basis.

You can find the full interview with Axel Berg about AMdEX and where they expect to be in three years from now here.

Check out the full interview with Wouter Los about AMdEX published in August here.

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