AI4Science Lab at UvA Kicks-Off

The University of Amsterdam's new AI4Science lab starts off this month with the appointment of Patrick Forré as Lab Manager and Assistant Professor.

The AI4Science lab is a joint initiative of the institutes for astronomy (API), biology (IBED), chemistry (HIMS), informatics (IvI), life sciences (SILS) and physics (IoP) of UvA. The lab’s aim is to solve scientific data problems with modern machine learning approaches.

The initial focus will be on five projects from completely different fields:

  • Understanding radio phenomena
  • Chemical structures
  • Bird migration
  • Gravitational waves
  • Gene regulation networks

These projects cover a wide range of scientific fields, however, the underlying research question the AI4Science lab aims to answer is basically always the same: how can we detect, classify, and predict relevant patterns in scientific data if they are hidden within large amounts of non-relevant data? 

AI4Science is embedded within the Amsterdam Machine Learning lab (AMLab).

For more information and to find out more about the five PhD vacancies related to the lab, click here.

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