ADS Research Assistants – Presentations of Project Highlights

In June 2016, ADS awarded funding for 12 research assistant projects across the ADS partners (CWI, HvA, UvA, VU). In the event on 16 May 2017, chaired by Frank van Harmelen (VU), each project briefly presented their project highlights.  

Below is an overview of the ADS projects with links to the presentations:

1. Deep Learning with Optimal Spatial Scale Selection

Research Assistant: Gereon Vienken.

Project Leaders: Steven Scholte (FMG, UvA), Sander Bohte (CWI)

2. Exploiting Free Text in Patient Records to Derive Healthcare Quality Indicators

Research Assistant: Robert-Jan Bruintjes.

Project Leaders: Annette ten Teije (VU), Roel Lakmaker (CTcue)

3. Medical Information Extraction: From Patient Dossiers to Structured Forms

Research Assistant: Christina Zavou.

Project Leaders: Evangelos Kanoulas (IvI, UvA), Lydia Mennes (CTcue)

4. Multimodal Evidence of Concept Drift

Research Assistant: Oliver Becher.

Project Leaders: Desmond Elliott ILLC, UvA), Laura Hollink (CWI)

5. & 6. The RDF Unified Migration Portal

Research Assistants: Francesca Ceolan and Dimitris Alivas.

Project Leaders: Rinke Hoekstra and Albert Meroño Peñuela (Computer Science, VU), Auke Rijpma (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam)

7. & 8. Crowd Management with Social Media (CroM-SoM)

Research Assistants: Ahmad Kabakibi & Maartje Kruijt.

Project Leaders: Kathrin Dentler (Computer Science, VU), Hannes Muhleisen (CWI)

9. Comparing Bias in Europe – A Social Data Science Approach

Research Assistant: Maarten de Jonge.

Project Leaders: Bob van de Velde (IvI & ASCoR, UvA); Maarten Marx (IvI, UvA)

10. Data Science Driven Journalism

Research Assistant: Paul Schrijver.

Project Leaders: Maarten Marx (IvI, UvA), Dimitri Tokmetzis (Dagblad De Correspondent, Amsterdam)

11 & 12. Measuring and Improving City Livability

Research Assistants: Igna Vermeulen and Guido Jansen.

Project Leaders: Wouter Meys (Citizen Data Lab, HvA), Stevan Rudinac and Marcel Worring (IvI, UvA)

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