ADS Partner CWI design mathematical model for firefighters

ADS Partner CWI design mathematical model enabling firefighters to position themselves better

If multiple stations are busy fighting a major fire, where should vehicles of other fire stations go to for optimal coverage? To answer this, the Fire Department Amsterdam-Amstelland joined forces with the CWI and Delft University of Technology.

The result is a mathematical model that enables firefighters to optimally (re)position. To be able to do so, the correct data are needed, such as areas where the fire risk is higher, the place of an incident and the number of vehicles that are deployed. The researchers then made an optimisation model that can calculate how the optimal coverage can be achieved.

ADS researcher, Rob van der Mei, R&D manager of CWI and a professor at VU Amsterdam, says: “This is a wonderful  example of how the use of mathematical models leads to further improvement of the quality of emergency services, which could possibly save extra lives.”

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