Thursday 4th July 2019 saw Amsterdam Data Science's largest ever Meetup with the ADS meets SIGMOD event. Approximately 500 people came to see talks from Matei Zaharia (Databricks), Xin Luna Dong (Amazon) and Deep Kayal (Elsevier).

Amsterdam Data Science, in collaboration with Elsevier and data management conference ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2019 hosted this one of a kind Meetup in the Beurs van Berlage in the center of Amsterdam.

Peter Boncz, Professor at VU Amsterdam and Senior Researcher at CWI kicked-off the event, introducing the speakers and the context of the SIGMOD conference.

Our first speaker was Matei Zaharia, original creator of Apache Spark, professor at Stanford University and Chief Technologist and Co-Founder of Databricks. He spoke about the infrastructure needed for machine learning and provided ideas and examples from industry and academia.

Xin Luna Dong, Principal Scientist at Amazon, leading the Amazon Product Knowledge Graph, and previously involved in Google’s Knowledge Vault, spoke about the challenges in harvesting knowledge from the semi-structured web.

Finally, Deep Kayal, Senior Data Scientist at Elsevier, specializing in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning provided insight as to how Elsevier is tackling challenges by using natural language processing and machine learning in data management.

The videos of the talks can be found here.

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