ADS Funds Research Assistant Projects

The following projects have recently been awarded funding for research assistant positions:

Title: Exploiting free text in patient records to derive healthcare quality indicators

Project Leaders: Annette ten Teije (VU), Roel Lakmaker (CTcue)


Title: Deep Learning with Optimal Spatial Scale Selection

Project Leaders: Steven Scholte (FMG, UvA), Sander Bohte (CWI)


Title: Medical Information Extraction: from patient dossiers to structured forms

Project Leaders: Evangelos Kanoulas (IvI, UvA),Lydia Mennes (CTcue)


Title: Multimodal evidence of concept drift

Project Leaders: Desmond Elliott (ILLC, UvA), Laura Hollink (CWI)


Title: The RDF Unified Migration Portal

Project Leaders: Rinke Hoekstra and Albert Meroño Peñuela (Computer Science, VU), Auke Rijpma (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam)


Title: Crowd Management with Social Media

Project Leaders: Kathrin Dentler (Computer Science, VU), Hannes Muhleisen (CWI)


Title: Data Science Driven Journalism

Project Leaders: Maarten Marx (IvI, UvA), Dimitri Tokmetzis (Dagblad De Correspondent, Amsterdam)


Title: Measuring and Improving City Livability

Project Leaders: Wouter Meys (Citizen Data Lab, HvA), Stevan Rudinac and Marcel Worring (IvI, UvA)

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