ADS & BDA Career Fair 2019 – Event Report

On Monday 11 March 2019 ADS & BDA hosted their second Data Science Career Fair for Masters and PhD students.

Interest in the Career Fair meant that the event was a huge success, with 29 participating companies. Students from a variety of different backgrounds attended the Career Fair, including Artificial Intelligence, Econometrics, Biomedical Sciences, Business Analytics and Behavioural Data Science.

In workshops, inspire sessions and speed dates, students were able to discover the many options available to them in the field of data science. We finished the event with drinks, pizza and networking.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s Thesis Fair or next year’s Career Fair, please contact 



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  • CWI spin-off DuckDB Labs partners with Motherduck, which raises $47.5 million

    CWI spin-off company DuckDB Labs helped create startup MotherDuck which aims to connect DuckDB to the cloud. MotherDuck sports some big names: its CEO is Jordan Tigani, founding engineer at Google’s BigQuery, Google’s fully managed data analysis platform. A big part of the $47.5 million funding comes from Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent venture capital firm, specialized in technology startups.

  • Building an international research community: HHAI Conference 2023

    Breaking ground as the first international conference on Hybrid Human Artificial Intelligence, HHAI22 held its first-ever in-person meeting in Amsterdam in the summer of 2022, establishing the beginnings of an international research community. ADS contributed to the conference by hosting a Meetup around the topic of Hybrid Intelligence.

  • Inaugural Speech Nanda Piersma

    There are legal rules and ethical frameworks, but little or no practical guidance on responsible design. In her inaugural lecture “System error, please restart”, Nanda Piersma argues what ‘responsible’ means and how we can carry out the (further) development of IT systems in such a way that they earn our trust.