ADS & AMDS Webinar | Predictive modelling for COVID-19 patients in hospitals

In the second webinar in the ADS & AMDS Data & COVID-19 series, Daan de Bruin, lead Data Scientist at PacMed, and Bjorn van der Ster, postdoctoral researcher at the Amsterdam UMC, talked about predictive modelling for COVID-19 patients in hospitals.

Watch the full webinar.

Key Takeaways

Daan de Bruin’s talk highlighted:
1. The challenges of dealing with large data sets of such a huge number of different medical institutions
2. The infrastructure built to combine and standardise the various data sources
3. The opportunities for improving COVID-19 treatment originating from ICUs joining forces

Bjorn van der Ster had been working on a well-performing model to predict influenza outbreaks and peak admissions at a local level. With the outbreak of COVID-19, he and his partners were able to pivot to  focus on re-presentation of available public data in a more visual way and focus on local trends of the virus. The first version of this first efforts can now be found on

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