ADS & AMDS Webinar | COVID-19 and the Media

In the fifth webinar in the ADS & AMDS Data & COVID-19 series, Associate Professor at Radboud University, Dr. Marcel Becker and Emillie de Keulenaar, PhD researcher at University of Amsterdam’s Open Intelligence Lab and Simon Fraser University’s Digital Democracies Group. Discussed the world of ethics, fake news, tantalising conspiracies, and the power of storytelling.

Watch the full webinar.

Dr Becker’s talk on “Truth in science, politics and media. Triangle or trinity?” highlighted:

  • The need to improve the quality of the information that is circulating around COVID -19 and that;
  • Scientists should be more confident and outspoken and do more to clarify why their knowledge can be trusted – engage citizens in the science.

Emilie’s presentation titled: “Consensus and misinformation in the process of COVID-19 sensemaking”, explored her research on the effects of social media platforms moderating users’ access to COVID-19 misinformation. You can read the full report here.*

Check out Amsterdam Economic Board’s article on this webinar.

*co-authors: Rory Smith, Carina Albrecht, Ivan Kisjes, Eleonora Cappuccio, Pedro Noel, Anthony Burton, Tom Mills, Narzanin Massoumi and Guilherme Appolinário.

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