Startup Village

Startup Village is driven by a shared purpose: building a better world through education, research and innovation. We offer a welcoming environment and an accessible support system to help you grow your company your way.

Startup Village was created to provide more space for high-tech and science startups at Amsterdam Science Park. It was opened in 2016 and currently houses 36 companies. What all of our villagers have in common is that they are working on latest discoveries and technologies, creating innovative ways to do business and make an impact on societal issues.

The offices at Startup Village are made out of second-hand sea containers to give the static Amsterdam Science Park area a raw edge. The design has proven its worth, as the unique architecture keeps drawing attention worldwide. By opting for second-hand sea containers, we’ve created a sustainable solution to creating new office spaces. Green living and sustainability is a high priority at Startup Village.

Some of the most talented high-tech and science based startups are located at Startup Village. If you are interested in tech, science, and entrepreneurship, you’ll fit right in. We host regular events, from workshops to startup challenges and meetups. We work closely with universities, corporate companies, successful entrepreneurs, and business experts.

We are continuously setting up new collaborations with relevant partners to expand our mission to create a knowledge hub for students, researchers and innovators.

In addition to our office spaces, meeting rooms, and event space, we are home to ACE Incubator – the university incubator for the UvA, VU, HvA and Amsterdam UMC. The incubator has already supported over 130 startups with a survival-rate of more than 70%.

If you are a tech or science startup looking for trusted advisors, a place to work, and to meet like-minded people, we want to welcome you to Startup Village!