Prosus is a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world. Operating and investing globally in markets with long-term growth potential, Prosus builds leading consumer internet companies that empower people and enrich communities.

From image-recognition to the ability to interpret text, ML technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. As a data-rich business, Prosus has the fundamental asset – the essential ingredient – to really make the most of this technology’s strengths and potential. Prosus uses ML to create value in many different ways across the group. For example, you can use it to increase the trust and safety of interactions between buyers and sellers, or to make a service simpler and more streamlined. All these individual improvements combine to create greater value.

In Classifieds, ML has a big impact on convenience – making the platforms as simple and as convenient as possible to the end user. For example, OLX uses ML to help buyers identify items of interest. By interpreting what the buyer is actually looking for, the algorithms are able to suggest the most relevant items across the OLX catalogue. ML is also improving trust and safety on platforms, or improving the sellers’ experience for instance by suggesting the sale price for items.

In Payments and Fintech, ML is supporting advances in fraud detection. Prosus is also able to offer groundbreaking new credit services to underbanked people in India, for example, who have simply not had access to such services. Prosus’ ML tools make it possible for them to offer micro-credit to these customers, which really makes a difference in their lives.

In Food Delivery, Prosus is using ML to increase and enhance automation, improve demand and supply prediction, optimise and personalise search, and ensure faster, more reliable deliveries – all of which makes for happier restaurants and customers and, in turn, fuels the extensive growth of our food-delivery businesses.

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