ICAI Amsterdam

ICAI is a national network aimed at technology and talent development between knowledge institutes, industry and government in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Amsterdam branch of the ICAI network is a member of Amsterdam Data Science. The ICAI network is built around labs typically consisting of at least 5 PhD students, a lab manager, and two scientific directors. Each of the labs is a collaboration between one or more knowledge institutes and one or more external industrial or government partners with a shared research agenda for 5 years. With such structural collaborations and having the critical mass, significant progress can be made towards addressing the challenges faced by society and companies.

In Amsterdam there are a rapidly expanding number of ICAI labs with e.g. Ahold-Delhaize on socially responsible algorithms that can be used to make recommendations to consumers and transparent AI technology for managing goods flows, Qualcomm on deep vision for personalized video and privacy preserving deep learning, Bosch on deep learning, with applications to automotive and computer vision, and TomTom on AI  for developing advanced, highly accurate and safe high definition (HD) maps for self-driving vehicles. The AIM Lab (AI for Medical Imaging) is a collaborative initiative of the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence and the UvA. Elsevier works with VU and UvA on the future of digital publishing and the Civic AI lab of VU, UvA and the city of Amsterdam focuses on the application of artificial intelligence in the fields of education, welfare, environment, mobility and health with a focus on promoting equality and delivering fair opportunities. See more information on the labs.

The AI revolution has only started, collaboration is essential to make major steps forward and ICAI Amsterdam is eager to do so.