Amsterdam Business School and Amsterdam School of Economics

Both schools together constitute the Faculty of Economics & Business at the University of Amsterdam.

Our vision is, that business and economics graduates should be well aware of technology and innovation, to stay relevant and to take better decisions in economics and business. Students should be able to take both (policy) decisions on technology and innovation, and to work (hands-on) with the technology.  Therefore, we train our students to work with data, and to build models and algorithms across all areas of business and economics.  To do so, we use the theory and tools from Statistics & Econometrics, Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence.  Hands-on, we learn our students to code and build software based solutions as part of many of our education programs.  Furthermore, we devote in all our programs time to ethical and privacy aspects of modern technological developments.  Finally, we offer our students facilities to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurship/start-ups.  For this, we closely work together with ACE Venture Lab.


Below a selection of the education programs offered by the two schools:

At Bachelor Level

At Master’s Level (full-time, for students without working experience)

At Master’s Level (part-time, for students with working experience)

Apart from the part-time Master’s programs listed above, we offer to students that already have a job professional education programs.


The two schools are very active in research. They distinguish between fundamental and applied economic and business research. The schools contribute to both.  Applied research is often done in cooperation with the industry or government.  Examples of joint research projects include those with ABN-AMRO (Cybersecurity, Data, Ethics and Privacy), Amsterdam Municipality (Smart Cities), ORTEC (Marketing Analytics), ORTEC Finance (Blockchain and Machine Learning for Valuation), Rabobank (Analytics for Small and Medium Enterprises), Surfsara (Digital Transformation) and Vivat (AI for fraud detection and marketing analytics).

Although both schools carry out research across all areas of economics and business, research is concentrated around the following topics

  • Digital Transformations in Business & Society
  • Health and Healthcare Management
  • Resilient Societies
  • Sustainability

If your organization is interested in joint research projects, contact Marc Salomon (Dean Amsterdam Business School) or Roel Beetsma (Dean Amsterdam School of Economics).

Diversity and Inclusion

After having analyzed its diversity challenges in its “Let’s do diversity” report, the University of Amsterdam is in the process of developing a new diversity policy with goals and has an active online presence with its diversity blog.