Prins Bernhardplein 175, 1097 BL Amsterdam, Netherlands


On 17th March, the MediciDesk of Rabobank Amsterdam, Amsterdam Economic Board, SIGRA, ahti and Smart Health Amsterdam will host the next session of the ZORG2025 series. This is a series of network meetings for healthcare professionals and innovative entrepreneurs in healthcare.

This session’s theme is: “A.I. social and impersonal?”

During this session, attention will be paid to the social and personal side of using AI. Today, and even more in the future, we have to do the work in care and welfare with fewer people. Innovations may offer a solution, so that we can do more with fewer people. However, most innovations are quite impersonal at the moment and as a result have an insufficient relieving effect. Can AI offer a solution here in different ways? Is social interaction possible and how personal can it actually become? What do you encounter as an entrepreneur in development?

The following speakers will give answers, visions and practical examples on these and several other questions:

  • Mark Hoogendoornassociate professor Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence group – VU Amsterdam
    How personal will it become when AI knows more about yourself and your behaviors that harm your own health and well-being than you do? Is that a moment when we will use AI systems as a consultant for our health? An image of how decisions in care pathways can be made now and in the near future.
  • Koen Hindriks, professor Artificial Intelligence, Social AI group – VU Amsterdam
    Koen shares his experiences with the use of Robot Pepper and Social AI in the Radboud UMC. Has the appearance of Pepper and her conversational capacity contributed to patients accepting to be interviewed? A practical example that places the meaning of warm transfer in a new perspective.
  • Marco Dees, managing partner – Ayuto/Emmazorgt
    Marco explains the use of conversational AI in people with Alzheimer’s and explains what exactly intelligence adds to the conversation. Does the personal and social component create a sense of security because you can fall back on something or someone you know? How does this contribute to being able to live at home for longer.

The event will start at 15:00 and the program starts at 15:30.

The meeting is free, but registration is required.
This event will be in Dutch.