WeWork Metropool, Weesperstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

X+Y: Research and Freelance for Data Scientists

The goal of X+Y is to work on socially-beneficial, independent research, to continue increasing data science skills and stay intellectually challenged. This research is funded with the profit from commercial projects where we aim to apply the latest insights from our research.

The event will show you what it means for you to be part of X+Y through several short presentations between 18:00 and 19:00:

18:00-18:10 – X+Y Introduction by co-founder Jacqueline Heinerman
18:10-18:25 – X+Y Research: controllable AI together with Joel Lehman (Uber AI labs) by Bart Bussmann
18:25-18:35 – X+Y Freelancing by newpeople
18:35-18:45 – Future of Freelancing by David van Delden (founder fortefor)
18:45-19:00 – X+Y What is next? by co-founder Milan Jelisavcic

Afterwards, there is plenty of time to get to know each other over a beer and a slice of pizza.
You can’t make it but you do want to hear more? Contact us via www.xyplus.nl!