Writing a Data Management Plan

On January 12th VU FGB and the Faculty of Science offer a course where you will learn how to write a good Data Management Plan (DMP) for your research project. The course is intended for PhD students at the start of their research project (± 1st year) of the Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences (FGB) and the Faculty of Science.

NB: This course is offered in English only. For the full (English) description , click on EN at the top of the page. 

The course consists of 2 online workshops and an online peer review session . Make sure you can participate in all three events.

Course Dates:

Workshop 1 : 12-01-2022, 14:00-16:00

Workshop 2 : 02-02-2023, 14:00-16:00

Peer review session : 09-02-2023, 13:00-17:00

This version of the course is tailored to research including personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ), i.e. data that can directly or indirectly identify an individual. If you are not sure whether your research falls under this category, please contact the RDM Support Desk ( ). Separate training courses are organized for FGB/Faculty of Science researchers who work with data that do not fall under the GDPR.

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