What makes a great startup?

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) in collaboration with Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) are hosting a webinar to discuss What makes a great startup?

In this webinar we will be exploring the journey of a startup, the challenges they face and how to navigate through them, and best practice.

12:00 Introduction & Welcome
12:05 Talk #1:  What makes a great startup
12:20 Q&A
12:30 Talk #2:
12:50 Q&A
13:00 End!

Talk #1 by Daniela Redondo and Maxime ten Brinke

Daniela Redondo is passionate about the startup ecosystem, and has been a serial entrepreneur herself. She is currently working as Program Manager at ACE, where she manages ACE networks of Mentors, Investors, Partners and Corporates, and supports startups to succeed

Maxime ten Brinke is a communications professional residing in Amsterdam. In her current role as Marketing & Communications Manager at ACE, she’s actively working on a diverse and inclusive startup community and increasing ACE visibility within the Dutch academic startup ecosystem.

During this session, Daniela will explain the importance of human, social, and financial capital in entrepreneurship, as well as the importance of the team, and the motivations behind starting a company. Talking about what makes a startup great, also guides us to the question: “Why do startups fail?” For that, Maxime will explain the most common reasons for startup failure and how ACE is supporting startups to succeed.

Talk #2 by Ruben Halfhide

Ruben is the founder and CEO of Gymspaces.