Mauritskade 63, 1092 AD Amsterdam, Netherlands

VSAE | Actuarial Congress

During the VSAE Actuarial Congress (Het Actuariaatcongres), actuaries from across the Netherlands come to Amsterdam to attend different plenary and interactive sessions. For students this is the perfect opportunity to take a look in the world of actuaries, insurance and risk management.

This years theme is: New risks and opportunities. The role of actuaries can be found further afield than just the financial sector. Consider cyber security, healthcare and the environment. As such, topics for the conference will include blockchain and machine learning as well as risks in the actuarial field.

The conference will start at 09:00 with plenary and then followed by interactive sessions. Check out the full programme.

All those invited are welcome from this point on, however the most interesting session for students is the student session, starting at 15:30. After that, there is a panel discussion, followed by drinks and networking.

The conference is in Dutch, however the student session will be held in English.

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Date: Tuesday 3rd March 2020
Time: 09:00-18:30
Location: Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

Chairman: Jeroen Breen, Former director of the Actuarial Society and partner at CPI
: New Risks and Chances