Roeterseiland UvA, Building A

The future of echo chambers and filter bubbles in the age of AI

Event by the Social & Behavioral Data Science Center, with AISSR Visiting Professor Chris Bail. The study of filter bubbles and echo chambers has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, as society becomes increasingly polarized.

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However, despite the wealth of knowledge on the extent of polarization, this research field is far from reaching conclusions and its future advancements are yet to be observed.

What novel tools and techniques will be developed by polarization researchers to answer emerging questions? To what extent does our current toolkit allow us to respond to the forthcoming developments in the field? How can we envision the future of online social media research, with rapid developments in technology and society?

To reflect on these questions, the Social & Behavioral Data Science Center (SoBe DSC) will organize an event on the future of polarisation research with key experts in the field.

  • Speakers:
    AISSR visiting professor Chris Bail – Duke University, Polarization Lab
    Paula Helm, University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities
    Petter Törnberg, University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences