Startup Village, Science Park Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sport Data Challenge

Are you interested in all the incredible ways sport data can be used? Do you want to help people run faster and run smarter? Or are you interested in the small details that have the biggest impact on competition day?

Join us for the very first Sport Data Challenge for a chance to show off your data skills and win amazing prizes.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for students (Bachelors, Masters or PhDs) who are looking for a challenge in creating a real impact in the world of Dutch sports. We want your help to revolutionize and innovate the field and take Dutch sports to the next level. If you are passionate about data and have knowledge and experience with data science, machine learning, algorithms or artificial intelligence, sign up here!


12:30-13:00   Welcome lunch
13:00-13:30   Keynote
13:30-14:00   Introduction
14:00-19:00   Challenge
19:00-20:00   Pizza & Wrap-up
20:00-21:30   Ceremony & Drinks


How? Thanks to Le Champion

  • Various running events
  • Multiple years
  • Runner information
  • Fun details such as shoe brand
  • Distance/time intervals
  • Type of runner (e.g. amature)

Example Challenge Questions

“What is the impact of bad weather and how can the organisation react?”

“What does it take to run the Dam tot Dam Loop in less than two hours? Can a speed analyses help?”

We have limited places available so register your interest NOW. Once registration closes we will be in contact with more information.