Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands

PyLadies: Testing Workshop

Every developer knows the importance of testing before going live. That’s why PyLadies is organising this testing workshop, led by two experienced female software engineers.

They will give a walk through on Pytest, best practices and how proper tests are done. If there is time at the end, there will be a short panel discussion to go into more depth about testing.


Olga Sentemova
Olga is currently working as a Software Developer at L1NDA. She has an extensive background in testing. She is mostly working with Python, interested in infrastructure and low-level programming. For the last two years Olga is living in Amsterdam. Originally from Russia, Olga studied Mathematics at Moscow State University.

Anna Nikulina
Anna is a software engineer specialised in testing. Eleven years ago she started as a Delphi programmer. “Once I deleted several rows in the nuclear power station database… I almost became grey for those two minutes until I realised I can revert my changes.” This was a life-changing moment for Anna – she decided to become a testing PRO. Anna mostly worked with embedded testing and used Python for it. She is a mother of two lovely kids and is open about the fact that it can be challenging to be a mom and an engineer at the same time. She is excited to help other women to find their own way.


18.00-18.15: Registration and food
18.15-18.30: PyLadies + PyAmsterdam introduction talk
18.30-18.45: Talk 1: Introduction to testing and its best practices
18.50-19.25: Workshop part 1
19.25-19.30: Short Break
19.30-20.30: Workshop part 2
20.30-21.00: Panel discussion

What You’ll Need

Bring your laptop. Open to all levels as we start from scratch and go in-depth towards the end, but some programming experience is required.

Sign up via the PyLadies Meetup page.