PhD Defence | Predictive Modeling in E-Mental Health

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam PhD candidate, Ward van Breda will be defending his PhD thesis "Predictive Modeling in E-Mental Health: Exploring Applicability in Personalised Depression Treatment" on Tuesday 23rd June.

Ward van Breda’s thesis explores whether predictive modelling can contribute to advancements in personalised depression treatment. Van Breda completed his research under the supervision of Guszti Eiben and Mark Hoogendoorn.

There is a need for innovations in this field due to the high costs of psychotherapy delivery, and increasing demand. The increasing availability and use of measurement devices have created a huge wealth of data, which enables the use of predictive modeling techniques to investigate whether predictive modeling can be of value.

In his thesis, van Breda focused on the short-term modeling of mood, and the long-term modeling of treatment outcome. The results show that the predictive models can already have value in certain innovative treatment applications.

Watch the defence live: