National BI-Weekly Seminar: The Dutch Seminar on Data Systems Design (DSDSD)

The Dutch Seminar on Data Systems Design (DSDSD) is co-organized by CWI, TUE, TU Delft, and Uva and brings together researchers in data systems.


The 22th seminar of DSDSD will feature talks by Arijit Khan .

The website is: (here people can get on the mailing list, which distributes the zoom links) 

Data Management for Emerging Problems in Large Networks
Arijit Khan

Graphs are widely used in many application domains, including social networks, knowledge graphs, biological networks, software collaboration, geo‐spatial road networks, interactive gaming, among many others. One major challenge for graph querying and mining is that non‐professional users are not familiar with the complex schema and information descriptions. It becomes hard for users to formulate a query (e.g., SPARQL or exact subgraph pattern) that can be properly processed by the existing systems. As an example, Freebase that powers Google’s knowledge graph alone has over 22 million entities and 350 million relationships in about 5428 domains. Before users can query anything meaningful over this data, they are often overwhelmed by the daunting task of attempting to even digest and understand it. Without knowing the exact structure of the data and the semantics of the entity labels and their relationships, can we still query them and obtain the relevant results? In this talk, I shall give an overview of our user‐friendly, embedding‐based, scalable techniques for querying big graphs, including heterogeneous networks. I shall conclude by discussing our newest progress about solving emerging problems on uncertain graphs, graph mining, and machine learning on graphs.