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Kodingsdag: Coding Day at Le Wagon

After Koningsdag comes Kodingsdag – a full morning of coding dedicated to all who want to gain new in-demand tech skills! Join StartupAmsterdam on campus on April 29th for a workshop fit for the future tech royalty!

Learn how to code your first Landing Page or build your first Machine Learning model with Python – all while celebrating in the spirit of King’s Day.

And the best part? This workshop is completely free, so you don’t have to spend a dime. Sign up here!

  • Workshop: Learn to code your first landing page

If you are interested or know someone who wants to discover to code, this is the place! Their team of teachers will assist you during this workshop on the basics of HTML and CSS. In this workshop you will learn:
1. The tools you need to design, build and host your own landing page
2. How to structure your landing page with HTML, then style it with CSS, and finally get your website live
3. All the necessary tools to start designing and building pages yourself without any prior coding experience!

  • Workshop: Build your first Machine Learning with Python

In this workshop, we will demystify what Machine Learning is and how you can build your own predictive Machine Learning models with Python! You will dive into a challenge where you will learn how to create a Machine Learning model to predict salaries. In this 2 hours workshop you will learn:

1.The logic and foundations behind Machine Learning, to better understand how you or your business can use it (and where not to)
2.Different use cases of Machine Learning and we will give you the chance to solve two of the most typical Machine -Learning tasks yourself – regression and classification
3.How to better communicate with Data and Machine Learning experts inside and outside your organization

  • About the workshop

This workshop will start with a 1-hour lecture to introduce the core concepts. You will then be onboarded on Le Wagon’s e-learning platform and access the slides, a sum-up of key notions as well as exercises to keep practicing after the workshop.

This workshop is brought to you by the #1 rated bootcamp worldwide

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