HvA Jacoba Mulderhuis | Gerard van Haarlem room, ground floor

Knowledge Session: Is ChatGPT in education a threat or an opportunity?

A sensation in the field of Artificial Intelligence, that’s what ChatGPT is called by many. This super smart chatbot spews smoothly flowing chunks of text and understands commands in plain language.

Centre of Expertise Applied AI (HvA) is inviting you to a knowledge session about the role of AI in education.

The technology behind ChatGPT, developed by the company OpenAI, is a language model that has been trained on a huge amount of data. The storm is now raging and the website is regularly down due to the enormous interest.

But what does this development mean for our education? ChatGPT is already singing around in the teachers’ rooms of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). Pascal Wiggers – Associate Lector Responsible AI at the AUAS – tempers the AI ​​application as a sensation: “ChatGPT can provide very credible, but not always correct answers to random questions. Yet the application seems to have some self-awareness.”

Does that mean knowledge questions, summaries and essays are a thing of the past or won’t things go that fast? Or does ChatGPT offer completely new possibilities? What do AI specialists, researchers and educators think about this?

Time to start the conversation!

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