ACE @ Science Park, Science Park Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Innovators Tribe – ‘AI & M2M: Multimodal Data for Business & Marketing’

Innovators Tribe is an event-based platform that focuses on emerging tech.

In collaboration with Amsterdam Data Science and Startup Amsterdam, the initiative is designed to keep corporate and entrepreneurial frontrunners ahead of the learning curve in AI, ML, IoT, VR and BlockChain.

M3 Lab will showcase the latest methodologies and applications currently possible through multi modal data, and how this could be adopted within different industries.

Lead by dhr. prof. dr. M. (Marcel) Worring and prof. dr. W.M. (Willemijn) van Dolen, M3 Lab is a joint initiative of Amsterdam​ ​Data​ ​Science​ and Amsterdam​ ​Business​ ​School focused on finding solutions to business problems by developing and applying machine learning methods on multimodal (text, image, video,speech, music).

While firms have access to a wealth of unstructured data which is stored in text, image or video format, current business practice however is not taking full advantage of the opportunities of multimodal data in business decision making. The research focus will find a basis for such a business case and explore business scenarios where multimodal data analysis can help the bottom line of a firm in a responsible manner.

This event will explore research within artificial intelligence that focuses on utilizing multi-modal data within marketing and business applications through the development of state of the art machine learnin models.