Inclusive algorithms at The NEMO Studio

Sennay Ghebreab will explore how algorithms take over our prejudices and how we can use them to make our society more fair and inclusive on Thursday 30 September at 20:00 in The NEMO Studio.  

Sennay Ghebreab is associate professor of Social-Intelligent AI at the University of Amsterdam, program director Master Information Studies, and scientific director of Civic AI Lab.

The Civic AI Lab is a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam, the City of Amsterdam and the Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties. The lab aims to develop AI technology to increase equal opportunities in education, wellbeing, environment, mobility and health.

Sennay will talk about subjects like self-driving cars that are more likely to hit black people, recruitment tools that disadvantage women and fraud detection systems that mainly search in poor neighbourhoods. Algorithms are not neutral, but imitate humans.

Join Sennay and the conversation on Thursday 30 September in The NEMO Studio. The talkĀ  is especially for adults.