Singel 411, 1012 XM AmsterdamAmsterdam-Centrum, Netherlands

Inaugural Lecture: Hinda Haned

Fair, Transparent and Accountable Data Science

Data-driven decision making is part of our everyday life, whether we are shopping online, applying for a job, or being admitted to a hospital.

In her inaugural lecture, Hinda Haned, professor of Data Science at UvA, will discuss why making sure that data science is fair, transparent and accountable is beneficial to everyone in society.

Hinda will discuss the fundamental challenges facing responsible data science in practice, and argue how these challenges are best tackled by putting the end-users (citizens, customers, doctors, policy makers,…) at the center of the data science process. She illustrates how doing so leads to new research questions and creates innovative solutions.

This lecture will be in English.

About the Speaker

Hinda Haned has been lead data scientist at Ahold Delhaize since 2015, where her activities involve designing and building solutions to answer business questions with data mining and machine learning techniques.

In 2018, she was named professor by special appointment at the University of Amsterdam, where she focuses on researching and developing solutions for best practices for safe and responsible machine learning.

From 2010 to 2015, she worked as a research statistician at the Netherlands Forensic Institute, during this time, she developed statistical models and open source software to facilitate the interpretation of complex DNA profiles.


Date: 16th October 2019
Time: 16:00
Location: Auditorium – Old Lutherian Church, Singel 441, 1012XM, Amsterdam