ICAI: The Labs – AI for Cognition NL

In December, ICAI: The Labs is focused on AI for Cognition in the Netherlands. The Donders AI for Neurotech lab and the MasterMinds AI lab each present their work and discuss challenges and developments made in this field. Don’t miss out, sign up and join this last ICAI meetup of 2021!

The Donders AI for Neurotech lab is a collaboration between the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour; Radboud University, Phosphoenix, Advanced Bionics, Oneplanet Research Center and Abbott. The focus of the lab is to develop machine learning solutions for brain reading and writing that restore sensory and cognitive function.

The MasterMinds AI lab is a collaboration between collaboration between Tilburg University, Fontys Hogescholen, ROC Tilburg, Actemium, CastLab, Interpolis, Marel, Multisim, Municipality of Tilburg, Port of Rotterdam, Royal Netherlands Airforce, SpaceBuzz, TimeAware and WPG Zwijsen. The lab aims to develop AI technologies across multiple sectors in society in the field of aerospace, logistics, maintenance, and education focusing on robotics and avatars, serious gaming and learning, language and data science technologies and virtual and augmented reality solutions.


12.00 (noon): Opening
12:05: Introduction of the Donders AI for Neurotech lab by Umut Güçlü (RU)
12:10: Jaap de Ruyter van Steveninck (RU) presents his work in Donders AI for Neurotech lab
12.25: Introduction of the MasterMinds AI lab by Max Louwerse (TiU)
12:30: Evy van Weelden (TiU) presents “Brains on the Fly: how can brain activity be used in flight simulations?”
12.45: Discussion what’s next in AI for Cognition in NL
13.00: End

Abstracts of the presentations will follow soon.