ICAI Day Autumn Editon 2022: AI and Climate Change”

On the 16th of November, ICAI organizes the ICAI Day Fall Edition. This hybrid event will take place in Utrecht and online. This ICAI event will focus on AI & Climate Change

The Climate crisis has a great impact on everyone and every living being on earth. As an AI community, ICAI would like to dedicate the ICAI Day Autumn Edition 2022 to address this important topic. In this edition, we invite experts not only from the AI field but also from the political/economic domains; we would like to deep-dive into the current challenges we are facing in climate change and look into how we all can work together to find possible solutions with the help of AI technology.

For whom is the ICAI Day?
Anyone who is interested in knowing more about ICAI, AI and climate change is invited. The seats are limited! Sign-up below before it is too late! We look forward to seeing you there!
Part 1 12:00- 13:30 Lunch Table Discussion (NOT ONLINE, ONLY ON-SITE)

Topic: How AI can facilitate climate action in different sectors

  • Heavy industry and manufacturing
  • Electricity systems
  • Transportation / mobility
  • Agriculture
  • Societal adaptation
  • Ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Markets and finance
Part 2 13:30- 18:00 The Plenary Session (ONLINE AND ON-SITE)

Plenary Session Moderator: Felienne Hermans (Leiden University)

  • 13:30- 14:00 Walk-in& Posters
  • 14:00- 14:05 Welcome by ICAI
  • 14:05- 14:15 Welcome by University Utrecht
  • 14:15- 14:30 Lunch Table Discussion Summary
  • 14:30- 15:00 Keynote speaker: Chiem van Straaten( KNMI)- Understanding climate extremes through AI
  • 15:00- 15:30 Keynote speaker (online): Ralf Herbrich(Hasso Plattner Institute) – Artificial Intelligence and Energy: From Battery Research to Energy-Efficient Machine Learning and Human Intelligence
  • 15:30- 16:00 Break & posters
  • 16:00-16:30 Keynote speaker (online): Elena Verdolini( EIEE, Università degli Studi di Brescia)  – What role of AI in climate change mitigation?
  • 16:30- 17:05 Panel Discussion (More details will follow in the coming weeks)
  • 17:05- 17:10 Closing
  • 17:10- 18:00 Drinks, network, and posters

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