Hackathon GPT-3 by City of Amsterdam

Imagine you, with a robot by your side

In 2022 Artificial Intelligence has made a huge leap forward. Forget the experiences you had with chatbots, Siri and roombas. AI has learned how to paint, code, write fiction, jokes, poetry and answer difficult questions. It can teach, it can argue, it can listen and talk. It can probably do a whole lot more that we just haven’t figured out yet, and if it can’t, it might learn to do it soon. It’s like we fast-forwarded to a future we didn’t expect for another decade.

We will all soon have an AI assistant to help us with our jobs. Imagine what you could accomplish with an army of smart people under your command. No need to feed them.

These technological shifts are rare. It is hard to predict what the exact impact will be, but we are as excited as when the iPhone first came out, and we believe it might have an even bigger impact.

It’s exciting and a bit scary at the same time. But the only thing you can do is to get acquainted with the future. Start playing around with an AI to learn what it can do. Start imagining your future with a smart robot by your side. Or a million virtual robots. That’s what the hackathon and pre-event are for: imagine how an AI will impact your life and build your own Assistant.

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