Gerard van Haarlem room | Ground Floor | Jacoba Mulderhuis | Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


WSK Medical won the Dutch Applied AI Award at the beginning of October 2022 and is now coming to the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for a great guest lecture about their application Zeno AI.

Zeno AI helps ENT doctors to detect throat cancer in patients at an early stage. This is done during an endoscopy, where Artificial Intelligence provides a real-time analysis. A great example of people and technology working together.

Content program

Are you a student and are you curious about all the ins & outs of Zeno AI? Register below for the guest lecture and meet the people behind WSK Medical.

The program consists of the following components and is in Dutch (except for the guest lecture by Jonathan, which is in English):

  • Free lunch (optional)
  • Guest Lecture WSK Medical on Zeno AI by Jonathan Woodburn, Software Developer
  • Room for questions
  • Panel discussion with experts from inside and outside the AUAS: what do technological tools mean for healthcare and which ethical aspects are important? You in the audience also have a role to play in this: talk and discuss with the experts.
  • Summary by Nanda Piersma, scientific director of the AUAS Center of Expertise Applied AI. She lets you think about the application of AI through some inspiring examples.