Get Inspired by Cloudflight – AI & why your company needs it now

This free webinar from ADS Partner Cloudflight is for decision makers and explains why AI applications have become an essential part of leading a successful company.

Why you should prepare for your business to be an AI business now and how can you achieve it? In Cloudflight’s Get Inspired online webinar you will learn about AI & why your company needs it now.

Based on their experience with real customers, Cloudflight help you to:

  • learn core AI concepts with demos
  • experience and prioritize the most suitable use cases for AI in your company
  • transform your business with industry best practices
  • provide you with an AI cheat sheet

They will also inspire you to accelerate your business with AI immediately.

In order to create an event of best value to you, Please share your pain points and AI experience with Cloudflight beforehand via their two minute survey. They will gladly address all raised topics directly at the event.

The event will be held in English, but they speak German and many other languages, too.

Register now.