Amsterdam, Netherlands

European Gender Summit: GS17 EU

The GS17 EU will be held in Amsterdam 3-4 October 2019 and titled:

Driving academic innovation through diversity and inclusion: Towards a more diverse and inclusive scientific environment to enhance equity and excellence.

Gender Summit Themes

  1. National frameworks to advance gender balance, diversity and inclusion in science and research
  • Aim 1: Explore and define actions at the national and European level to create gender balance in science and research and to remove (invisible) obstacles for diversity.
  • Aim 2: identify promising and needed directions for research and innovation and its funding mechanisms to ensure bias free, quality science knowledge.
  • Aim 3: Identify promising actions to produce, combine and interpret national and European gender and diversity data, statistics and indicators on career progression and work environment.

Outcome: recommendations for actions on a national and European level to enhance gender balance, diversity and inclusion in science and research, and enhance quality of outcomes for all.

  1. Fostering diversity in open science and AI to ensure an optimal connection of science to society
  • Aim 1: Actions to create fair, bias free and socially responsible applications of the new, advanced, digital technologies, with specific attention to the developments in the Gendered Innovations project.
  • Aim 2: Actions to create transparent and accessible research data-infrastructures (FAIR data) with diversity dimensions.
  • Aim 3: Actions to create diversity dimensions for research performance in the age of open science, in order to optimize the impact of research on society.

Outcome: Guidelines on diversity in AI and open science – main considerations and recommendations using of the knowledge on gendered innovation for excellence and societal relevance.

  1. Actions towards a team-driven, innovative academic culture where everyone feels included
  • Aim 1: Identify concrete actions for realizing cultural change in academia.
  • Aim 2: Collect, share and draw up concrete proposals of actions to reshape academia into a reflection of society.
  • Aim 3: Pitch evidence-based methods of integrating gender and diversity analysis in education and research content to enhance innovative, groundbreaking research with impact.

Outcome: Recommendations for actions to promote and foster a diverse and inclusive scientific staff community to enhance the quality of research and the attractiveness of European countries as research locations.

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