Dutch Data Science Week

The third iteration of Dutch Data Science Week will be taking place in across the Netherlands from the 3-7 June 2019, with a focus on “The Impact of AI on Society”.

The goal of this week is to provide everyone with a passion for data – from data scientists to business leaders – a platform for innovation, education, inspiration, and networking.

This year, they will be running business, sustainability, education, health, and future tracks. These events provide a forum for inspiration and action as you will be given the chance to learn and develop smart solutions to social challenges.

Locations this year include GoDataDriven Amsterdam, NBC Nieuwegein, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Erasmus Universtity Rotterdam, JADS Den Bosch, Casa400 Amsterdam, De Persgroep Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, and Heineken Amsterdam.

More information, to register or get tickets HERE