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CANCELLED | Dutch Data Science Awards 2020

The Dutch Data Science Awards are back for a fourth year. Join the Royal Dutch Society for Sciences and the sponsors Elsevier, Google, ING, Lubbers De Jong Tech PR, ORTEC and the University of Amsterdam to find out who the winners will be for best PhD thesis, most innovative startup and best corporate or governmental project.

The Dutch Data Science Awards were created to put exceptional innovative entrepreneurship and scientific research in the field of data science in the spotlight.

Three prizes will be awarded:

  • The Gerrit van Dijk Award for the best PhD thesis (defence between January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2019), including a prize of €3,000
  • The Anthony Fokker Award for the most innovative startup (founded in or after 2015) –
  • The Hendrik Lorentz Award for the best corporate or governmental project