Data Science Alkmaar Webinar | Deep Learning

Data Science Alkmaar is hosting a webinar about deep learning on Tuesday 22nd September. The webinar is in Dutch.

During this webinar, two interesting speakers will talk about deep learning in practice and the opportunities it offers.

Deep learning falls under the heading of artificial intelligence (AI). The algorithm behind deep learning is based on pattern recognition. After an endless amount of input, for example pictures of a dog, the algorithm teaches itself to recognize a dog in the future.

This actually works exactly the same in humans. Our brain is fed with data from the outside world through our retina or hearing. Our brain cells then convert these signals into images and sounds. The structure in our brain that ensures this is also called a neural network. And this is exactly what deep learning is based on.

Marijn Plomp (VU) and Frans Feldberg (VU)

Yura Perugachi-Diaz, currently doing her PhD at the VU at the mathematics department. In collaboration with Bejo, she investigates and develops deep learning models that help analyzing visual material. Bejo Zaden is a leader in the breeding, production and sale of vegetable seeds with branches in more than thirty countries. It is currently engaged in predicting the development of white cabbage, based on pictures.

Robin van Ruitenbeek, completed his master’s degree in Business Analytics last summer. Currently, he’s a PhD student at the VU and works as an AI specialist at Pon. His research mainly focuses on the automatic detection of vehicle damage.

Date: 22 September 2020
Time: 16:00-17:00

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