Cultural AI Lab kick-off webinar

Research, knowledge and heritage institutions are joining their efforts in a unique cooperation: the Cultural AI Lab. Join the Lab for their kick-off webinar where they will explore the central question: how can we use ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in cultural research and raise consciousness of cultural context within the technology?

The Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), KNAW Humanities Cluster, KB National Library of the Netherlands, Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision, Rijksmuseum, TNO, University of Amsterdam, and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are all working together and forming an alliance within the new ICAI lab on Cultural AI. These parties will work together on developing AI-tools applicable in the cultural heritage sector.

In this webinar you will learn about the various projects from the Cultural AI Lab and why now is the time to make sure AI-technology raises consciousness of cultural contexts.


  • Welcome by host Eveline van Rijswijk
  • Introduction on Cultural AI Lab, Speakers: Marieke van Erp (KNAW HuC) & Laura Hollink (CWI)
  • The contribution of Cultural Heritage by Saskia Scheltjens (Rijksmuseum)
  • Mini pitches of the projects:
    • Culturally Aware AI – Ryan Brate (KNAW HuC) & Andrei Nesterov (CWI)
    • SABIO – Valentin Vogelmann (KNAW HuC)
    • BETTER-Mods – Cedric Waterschoot (KNAW Meertens)
    • RE-FRAME – t.b.d. (Universiteit Utrecht)
  • Closing Remarks

More information and register here.