LAB42 Room: L3.33 and L3.35

Cloudflight Coding Contest at LAB42

Solve a level-based coding game in competition with thousands of participants across the globe. Save The Date for the 36th Cloudflight Coding Contest edition! On the 11th of November in LAB42!

Along with the established formats of school CCC (for pupils & newbies) and classic CCC (for all experienced coders), they introduce a new challenge – the AI CCC (for Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts). It will run in parallel with classic CCC and last 4 hours.

As always, CCC prepared a new game, divided into several levels:
• Difficulty increases with each level;
• Participation alone or in teams of up to 3 participants for the Classic & AI & 5 participants for the School;
• Feel free to use any programming language you want;
• You just have to bring your own laptop;
• You will use only one laptop per team;
• For a little warm-up see previous games:

Go to the CCC registration page, choose your location, select the type of contest and secure your spot:

Please register for a specific location if you’re living/studying/working there. Otherwise, please check other available locations or join us via The Web registration page.

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