Science Park Amsterdam 106, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Behind the Scenes at Amsterdam Science Park

Amsterdam Science Park are offering a unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes at internationally renowned research institutes and innovative businesses.

During the tour, you will learn more about trending research topics at the park, the exciting applications that they produce and the super-fast pace of innovation in two of the main focus areas at Amsterdam Science Park; Digital Innovation and Sustainability.

CWI  – FleX-ray Lab, real-time 3D computational imaging in color
First, we will visit the CWI, the Netherlands’ national centre for mathematics and computer science. Here, Joost Batenburg, Professor in Computational Imaging will give a demonstration of the FleX-Ray Scanner, a new research facility that belongs to the top of the world league. With this new scanner, it is possible to look inside objects in 3D during the scanning process and to adjust or zoom in while scanning. This scanner is able to retrieve more useful information from the scans -faster and with less harmful X-ray dose- than allowed by current technology. This research facility can be applied to a wide range of imaging in science, healthcare and industry.

Sensoterra – Wireless soil moisture sensors
The goal of Sensoterra is to empower better decision making for irrigation management through smart soil moisture measurements. They develop innovative wireless sensors that measure at the active root zone, ensuring crops are optimally irrigated. With 99.5% data accuracy, probes are compatible with all soil types, including clay, clay-loam, saline clay, sand, and peat. With applications in horticulture, agriculture, landscaping and smart cities.

Start-up Piches and Drinks 
Next we head to Startup Village. A short tour of this unique site and its interesting start-ups, mainly in the field of data science and AI. Finally, every Behind the Scene tour traditionally ends with a sociable drink. This time we will gather at The Coffee Virus at Startup Village. Here you can enjoy a drink and in the meantime listen to the pitch of two promising start-ups.

The tour is open to everyone, but the number of places available is limited, so be sure to reserve yours now by signing up quickly to: