Zuidas, Amsterdam, Netherlands

POSTPONED to 2021 | BDS Summer School: Econometric Methods for Forecasting and Data Science

This Summer School from Business Data Science about Econometric Methods for Forecasting and Data Science with Applications in Finance, Economics and Business is postponed to summer 2021 due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The importance of developing appropriate quantitative models and methods for risk-assessment, climate-impact scenarios, energy policy, house market prices, and big data analyses are generally well understood in the academic and professional worlds. The developments in new technologies for econometric modelling, analysis and forecasting of (big) data in finance, economics and business are moving forwards rapidly. In this summer school a number of these developments will be covered in detail.

The one-week summer course welcomes (research) master students, PhD students, post-docs and professionals with a quantitative background and who are interested in learning state-of-the art econometrics and data science forecasting methods.

For the admission requirements, the application form or further information, please visit the Business Data Science website.