AI Tech Week: Entrepreneurship

Startups (and scaleups) are an essential part of a healthy Data Science and AI ecosystem. How are the Amsterdam AI startups doing? What does it take to take an idea into a profitable business plan? And what are the expected developments for the AI ecosystem? We cover it all in this afternoon event about AI entrepreneurship.

It’s time for the first ever AI Tech Week! Perspectives from research, entrepreneurship, talent and applications will all be covered during four different afternoon events. Do we see you there?


16:30 Introduction & Welcome
16:35 Talk #1 ACE AI Lab: Ensuring AI product-market fit
16:50 2 minute pitches
17:05 Talk #2 Creating business impact with AI
17:20 2 minute pitches
17:35 Posters & demos
17:55 Closing
18:00 Networking

Chair: Efstratios Gavves
Associate Professor Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Talk #1 by Vladimir Nedovic
Vladimir Nedović has 20 years of experience with diverse data-driven technologies and innovations, and 15 years of experience in AI. Currently, he is a co-Lead of ACE AI Lab, a program of ACE Incubator aimed at students who want to launch an AI-based startup. Before the AI Lab, Vladimir was a Technical Director of Rockstart Accelerator’s AI program, in collaboration with JADS University. In 2014, he was the co-founder of AI startup Flavourspace, which provided B2B solutions for personalized food inspiration. His entrepreneurial ambitions date back to 2011, when he was finishing his PhD in AI and involved in a spin-off at University of Amsterdam. Soon after, he founded Synemedia, whose aim remains to discover groundbreaking data-driven concepts worth investing in.

ACE AI Lab: Ensuring AI product-market fit:
Pushing technology products into the market that doesn’t necessarily need them has never been a good idea. In the case of AI, science fiction has transitioned to high expectations from intelligent solutions. Whereas typical startup incubators offer support to existing teams and ideas and bolster their business skills, at ACE AI Lab we take a different approach. Taking well-scoped AI challenges from industry partners, we match them with highly motivated and capable student teams, who will develop the proof-of-concept but also the basis for their own future startup. This has proven to work well in practice, with happy customers and more than 1 in 3 student teams continuing further as a startup.

Pitch presentations
Kepler Vision Technologies (
by Harro Stokman, CEO

Fizyr (
by Herbert ten Have, CEO

Intrical AI (
by Gabriele Bani, CTO/Machine Learning Engineer

Lalaland (
by Ugnius Rimsa, CEO

3DUniversum (
by Sezer Karaoğlu, Co-Founder & CTO

Redistri (
by Abhilash Aryal, Co-founder and COO

Ellogon.AI (
by Evangelos Kanoulas, Co-founder

Zeta Alpha (
by Jakob Zavrel, founder and CEO

Pixyle (
by Svetlana Kordumova, Founder and CEO

Talk #2 by Jörgen Sandig
Jörgen Sandig was co-founder and CEO of the AI startup Scyfer. Scyfer was acquired by Qualomm Technologies. He is part of the advisory board at Pacmed and advises AI focussed data centers. Previously he was working for ING Bank customer intelligence department. He has been research director at ScaleUpNation to understand the difference between successful and unsuccessful scaling startups.

“Creating business impact with AI”:
“AI-technology is getting mature and accepted as an enabler for new business, business growth, cutting costs, and improving customer experience(Is that a fact?) new products and services such as speech recognition, self-driving cars (does that work?) and all new opportunities. Companies start enthusiastically with testing and adopting this new and exciting technology. In this presentation Jörgen will share some experiences of implementing AI and what it takes to implement AI successfully and to achieve the business goals.”

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