AI Tech Week: Applications

Having excellent research is extremely important, but a bad implementation will take all its value away. So, what does it mean to apply AI for different types of organizations? From research to industry to government, we cover it all in this afternoon event about AI applications.

16:30 Welcome & Introduction
16:35 Talk #1 Robot in Retail
16:55 Q&A
17:00 Talk #2 AI & the store of the future: reengineering the value of the physical store through
17:20 Q&A
17:25 Reflections from Nanda Piersma
17:40 End

Chair: Katrien de Witte 
Program Manager at University of Applied Sciences

Talk #1 by Tibert Verhagen
Tibert Verhagen is Professor Emerging Technology for Business at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. His research and teaching centres on the use of emerging digital technologies by companies, and the impact this has on serving and retaining customers, company competitiveness, business models, and commercial processes. His recent projects include the use of innovative technologies by small and medium sized retailers, including humanoid robots, interactive touch-based displays, augmented reality, and location-based messaging. He is involved as chairman of the Retail Innovation platform and has been engaged in several business start-ups. His research is been published in academic journals in the fields of information systems and marketing, as well by business-oriented platforms such as Emerce, MarketingTribune and Adformatie.

Robot in Retail:
The deployment of service robots in service encounters is expected to provide new opportunities for retailers to create new forms of value and innovate their service. Due to developments in artificial intelligence, speech and voice technology, and sensory technology, robots are increasingly able to take care of service tasks such as welcoming customers, answering questions, finding products, and taking orders. The HvA’s Service Robotics Lab aims to help retailers by providing them with pragmatic insights how robots might add value to their business. In the presentation, the results of the ShoppingTomorrow expert group Robots in Retail are discussed and the outcomes of recent consumer studies are presented. The presentation concludes with future research plans and projects.

Talk #2 by Tim Gielen
Tim is a former store, e-commerce and digital retail experience manager on a mission to make the physical store more relevant than ever by changing the concept of a brick & mortar store from being pure merchandise moving outlets to immersive brand engagement platforms that drive online sales, boost social media awareness and facilitate data acquisition. He is the engagement lead and co-founder at Wave of Engagement | Retail Concept Innovation and a passionate retail inspirator at #teamretail where he co-hosts a podcast, Youtube vlogs, keynotes and retail coachings. Tim has worked for and with local and global retailers and brands like Euronics, Bose, Decathlon, Levi’s, Lexus, Suitsupply, Samsonite, Hunkemöller,…

AI & the store of the future: reengineering the value of the physical store through:
Offline is online, online is offline. In the world of connected commerce the physical store has a key role in growing online commerce, social commerce, brand engagement & logistic efficiency. Stores of the future hold experiences as incentives for your customers to identify themselves, tools to enrich their data profiles and means to better understand their journey patterns. They’re equipped with iot technologies to basically become data producing machines that help us build more efficient operations and better customer experiences overall.

Reflections by Nanda Piersma
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