AI & Robotics

The Centre of Expertise Applied AI (CoEAAI) invites you to join its meetup on AI & Robotics. During this interactive gathering they will demonstrate how robots are used in their research and education. The applications of robots are diverse. Get acquainted with various practical examples and with a few special participants.

This meetup focuses on the internal target group of Centre of Expertise: all students and employees of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. This does not mean that externals are excluded. If AI & Robotics interests you, you are more than welcome. Keep in mind that the AI-research from the HvA will be discussed most.


16.00 | Start and welcome by Katrien de Witte (program manager Centre of Expertise Applied AI)

16.03 | Keynote Roeland van Oers (Welbo)

16.13 | Interaction with robot Temi

16.15 | Tibert Verhagen (Centre for Market Insights)

16.25 | Stimulating statement

16.27 | Marta Malé-Alemany (Faculty of Engineering)

16.33 | Stimulating statement

16.35 | Somaya Ben Allouch (Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industry)

16.42 | Stimulating statement and questions

17.00 | Closing and end

The future of robotics

Roeland van Oers will take you into the world of social robots in his keynote. He works as Director of Growth at the Amsterdam software company Welbo, providing user-friendly software for various robots. Roeland will look into the future: what developments are going on and what is coming in the field of robotics?

The added value of robots in retail

Tibert Verhagen is a lecturer in Emerging Technology for Business and from the Faculty Business & Economics associated with the Centre for Market Insights  (CMI). He conducts research in innovative technology, store innovation and e-commerce. The CMI is conducting research into the use and acceptance of service robots in retail. During his presentation, Tibert will talk about his research, robots in education and future projects.

Robotics & Sustainable Production: a case-study of upcycling wood

Marta Malé-Alemany is a senior lecturer in Digital Production and is at the head of Robot Studio at the Faculty of Engineering. “We will soon be asking robots to produce objects from waste wood according to our design choices.” Together with its multidisciplinary team (from architects to engineers and tech experts) and project partners, the Digital Production Research Group is investigating how robots can process waste wood into new objects. One such result is the reception desk for Johan Cruijff ArenA .

How can social robots contribute to better care?

Somaya Ben Allouch, lecturer in Digital Life at the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industry, examines the applications of robotics in healthcare. Take the arrival of robot, Pepper, in nursing homes to increase the quality of care. In all her research into digital technologies, Somaya puts people at the centre, which also applies to the developments of robotics. Social robots can contribute to the major challenges that exist in healthcare, but they have to meet human needs.